Liberté Case Study



Liberté is obsessed with taste. They produce some of the most delicious dairy products in Canada, including a wide variety of plain yogurts. To help Liberté communicate this obsession and generate interest in their family of plains, we developed an extended rollout of content in collaboration with Cossette and 1(One) Production.

We filled an editorial calendar with a variety of content formats and evolving themes designed to keep our audience’s collective mouth watering throughout the campaign. Photography, animation, film, original recipes, tasting notes and fascinating food lore all combined to create a visually dazzling experience that defined a new space for the brand and shone brilliant light on their products. (Literally. We shone lights on their products.)
It was a whole new way to advertise yogurt.

With a unique device – the ‘Flavour Bomb’ – we positioned Liberté’s plain yogurts as a literal blank canvas for culinary creativity. The idea was simple. Add a handful of carefully selected ingredients to your favourite plain yogurt, and boom: a surprisingly delicious taste experience with no recipe, no measurements, and no cooking.

Our mild-to-wild spectrum of 24 Flavour Bombs explored every aspect of taste.

All of the content we produced for the campaign lived in social media and on a central hub beautifully designed by Cossette. This short video was used to drive traffic to the hub and introduce our audience to the experience that awaited.

We also profiled a series of taste experts in short films that revealed their own taste-related obsessions.

A series of 18 Tasting Notes explored and explained the most interesting aspects of the flavours and taste combinations featured in the Flavour Bombs.

We also profiled each of Liberté’s plain products in a photographic study that revealed the nuances of their varying textures and consistencies. Accompanying texts described the flavour profile of each plain product with a specialized vocabulary inspired by the lexicon of wine- and cheese-tasting.

Client: Liberté Canada
Agency: Cossette
Creative Director: Janine Hopkinson
Photography, Creative Development, Culinary Direction, Content Planning, Animation, Writing:
Les Garçons
Art Direction: Chantal Gobeil
Food Styling: Heidi Bronstein
Accessories Styling: Karine Blackburn
Videos: Les Garçons and 1one Production (DOP: Maxim Valsan)