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Great content is more than just a pretty picture. It’s also insight, strategy, and an unfolding story told in a voice that will resonate with your audience. This is what we bring to the table –  a unique combination of award-winning visual skill and style, strategic planning, culinary expertise, and a gift for telling stories people love to hear.

These services can be bundled into a turnkey content solution,
and are all also available à la carte.


Creative strategy

We consider your context and concerns, identify creative opportunities, and help you discover the best way to create an interesting connection between you and your audience.

Creative development

We define the elements of your content: concepts, visual and stylistic approaches, flavour combinations, editorial directions, video scenarios, and the many other ways your brand can show leadership in the food world.

Content planning

We organize these ideas into a cohesive stream of content and map it to an editorial calendar that shows how all your content pieces relate to a central theme, or a series of changing ones.


Photography & motion

We specialize in food and still life photography, and offer a range of photo and video production services including recipe and product photography, editorial work, portraiture, stop-motion animation and short film.

Editorial direction, writing

We can expertly direct an editorial process, and write tasting notes, personality profiles, travel guides, video scripts and articles relating to any aspect of food and food culture.

Culinary direction

We create original recipes, pairings and serving suggestions, and develop conceptual approaches to flavour combinations and food styling.  MORE

We also frequently expand our team to include friends who specialize in:

Food and accessories styling, video camera operation, film editing, sound engineering, graphic design, motion design, web development, and translation.